Bob Stimpson has a keen interest in Manx history,  in particular Manx inventors - a subject on which he has collected many hundreds of examples of patents dating back over 200 years.

When he initially discovered brief references to William Kennish’s inventions and decided to investigate them further, and was able to share these in 2011 with fellow members of the Isle of Man Victorian Society, where he is a longstanding member.

He is keen to promote William Kennish to anyone who is curious, and feels strongly this Manx genius needs to be elevated to his rightful place within Manx historical awareness.

A chartered mechanical engineer since 1983, and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, he is the inventor of many patents himself, covering defence test equipment, plumbing devices and assistive living products.  He is keen to promote the engineering profession and the modern Isle of Man through the examples of William Kennish, Sir Frank Gill and other engineers who have enhanced the Manx way of life.

Despite professionally being at the forefront of engineering development, his  personal interest lies at the heart of the history of engineering and manufacturing, where he is also a member of  both the Newcomen Society and the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society.

 If your club, society or organisation would like to receive an illustrated talk about  any of the following :

William Kennish   -  Sir Frank Gill and the BBC - Manx Inventors -  The History of Douglas Water Supply

 The Queen’s Pier  Ramsey -   Douglas Drill Hall  in Peel Road

The Worlds First Oil Tanker called The Jane, Launched in Ramsey - The Euterpe / Star of India

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