Manx Inventors

The author has collected over 400 patents from Manxmen from the 1780’s to chart the history of Manx inventiveness! So where to start? Manx born or resident inventors have contributed to the development of the modern age in many ways which are unexpected and surprising.

  • The inventor of the modern “Straight Dough” way to make bread
  • An inventor of improvements to filament lights who worked with Joseph Swan who went on to invent ways to make Viscose for Courtaulds.
  • The founding inspirational leader  behind the creation of the BBC who went on to lead the world’s development of telecommunications.
  • The oil burner which helped diesel fuel take over from coal for ship propulsion at the start of the 20th century.
  • Humane and safer ways to transport cattle on ships and trains.
  • Transporting oils and petrols by ship - and the world’s first oil tanker launched from Ramsey, IOM!
  • The Manxman inventor who has his statue in front of Bolton Town Hall.



...and the less serious:

  • How to smoke a cigar from both ends at the same time...


  • How to pose a photographs as someone with three legs ... of Man...


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