This is a partial list of the patents held by the author as the inventor. There are a few included which were developed with work colleagues at the time - please see the European Patent Office Web Site for full details. Just enter the patent number - e.g. “GB2473820” in the box marked “Publication Number”.


Improvements in Glazing

United Kingdom GB2523392B Granted February 26,.2020 Filed February 24, 2014

(Personal) Relates to improved double glazing and the enhanced safety of inhabitants of rooms with fixed glazing by installing hinged window elements without the need to replace the entire window frame.


Remote Monitoring of Shower Apparatus

United Kingdom GB2483909B Issued September 24, 2010


(DLP) Remote-monitoring shower water apparatus 12 comprises a housing 18, a shower water inlet 20 at the housing 18, a shower water outlet 22 at the housing 18, a controller 24 at the housing 18 for controlling at least water flow from the shower water inlet 20 to the shower water outlet 22, and a monitoring device 28 for monitoring at least one of the controller 24 and the user 30 of the...


Waste Shower Water Recycling Apparatus

United Kingdom GB2473820B Issued September 23, 2009


(DLP) The invention relates to a recycling apparatus 22 for waste shower water from a shower drain outlet 16. The apparatus 22 comprises a waste shower water inlet 28, a potable water inlet 30, a drain outlet 32, a cistern supply outlet 34 for supplying a toilet cistern 20, and a flow control means for controlling the flow of waste shower water from the waste shower water inlet 28 to the drain...


An Energy Saving Pumped Shower Draining Device

United Kingdom GB2466507B Issued December 24, 2008


(DLP) The invention relates to a pumped shower draining device 24 for a shower apparatus 10, the device comprises a housing 28 having a waste water inlet 30 and a waste water outlet 32, a pump element 34 provided within or adjacent to the housing 28 for pumping waste water from the waste water inlet 30 to the waste water outlet 32, a first pump-driving device 36 for driving the pump element 34, a...


Shower screen comprising plastic welded frame and panel fitting in to a recessed aperture

United Kingdom GB2458924B Issued April 2, 2008


(DLP) A shower screen 10 has a plastic frame 12 and a panel 14 provided in the frame 12. The frame 12 comprises two spaced stile members 16, a head member 18 and a sill member 20 which interconnect the stile members 16, the stile members 16 being welded to the head and sill members. The stile, head and sill members 16, 18, 20 form a frame having a recessed aperture 30 in which the panel 14 is...


Pumped shower draining device with clutch

United Kingdom GB2447654B Issued March 17, 2007


(DLP) A pumped shower draining device 10 for a shower installation, comprises a housing 12 having a waste water inlet 24 and a waste water outlet 30, a pump element 14 provided within the housing 12, a pump driving device 16 for driving the pump element 14, and a variable-engagement clutch 18 for providing variable driving engagement between the pump driving device 16 and the pump element 14. An...


Vertically pivoting hand rail

Europe EP1969983B1 Issued March 10, 2007


(DLP) The invention relates to a vertically pivotable surface-mounted handrail 10 for supporting an elderly or infirm person. The handrail comprises a surface-mounted base element 12, an elongate hand-rail member 14, and a pivotable clamping knuckle 16 which interconnects the handrail member 14 and the base element 12, allowing vertical pivotable movement of the handrail member 14. The clamping...


Shower waste pump and control unit

United Kingdom GB2446666B see also EP1959144B1 Issued April 30, 2007


(DLP) An electric shower-waste pump and control unit 110 for pumping run-off shower water from a waste outlet to a drain, the unit 110 comprising a housing 112 having a first chamber 114 and a separate second chamber 116 which is water-tightly sealable, a removable housing cover 118 for closing the housing 112, an electric pump 122 provided in the first chamber 114, electronic control circuitry...


Pumped shower drain system

United States US8006325B2 see also GB2443244B Issued October 31, 2006


(DLP) A pumped shower drain system (10 Fig. 2) comprises a shower base (12), a waste water unit (14) provided on the shower base and having a waste water inlet (28), a waste water outlet (30) and a reciprocating, e.g. diaphragm, water pump 20 for pumping to drain. The pump includes: a housing 40 having an inlet 48 in communication with the waste water unit outlet, and a pump outlet 50 in...


Height-adjustable shower waste

United Kingdom GB2444492B see also EP2041376B1 Issued July 15, 2006


(DLP) A height-adjustable shower waste for a bathroom floor having a non-flexible waterproof floor covering material, the shower waste 10 comprising a waste body 12 for mounting in the bathroom floor and having a base 20, one or  sides 22 extending from the base 20, a waste water inlet 26, and a waste water outlet 30 connected or connectable to a drain; a cover support element 16 on which a...


Diaphragm Pump

United Kingdom GB2432196B Issued November 9, 2005


(DLP) A diaphragm pump for a pumped shower waste, comprises a diaphragm housing 12, a diaphragm 34 removably held in the diaphragm housing 12, an openable cover (16 fig. 1) on the diaphragm housing 12 for accessing the diaphragm 34, an electric motor, a connecting member 40 positioned in the diaphragm housing 12 and movable by the electric motor, and a non-screw-threaded twist and lock fastener 62...


Pumped Drainage Apparatus

United States US8096001B2 see also GB2424368B Issued March 23, 2005


(DLP) Pumped drainage apparatus 10 for a shower, comprises a waste water unit 12 having a waste water inlet 14 for accepting waste water runoff from a shower, and a waste water outlet 16 in fluid communication with the waste water inlet 14; a pump 20 in fluid communication with the waste water unit 12; a sensing circuit including one or  sensors 36 for sensing waste water; and a control...


Sound generating device for status of invalid apparatus

United States US7692554B2 see also GB2423399B Issued February 16, 2005


(DLP) A sound generating device for invalid apparatus comprises a monitoring circuit and an audible output for outputting an audible indication corresponding to the status and/or relative proximity of the in use apparatus monitored by the monitoring circuit Body soaking apparatus, a bath, a seat, a handle, and invalid apparatus having such a sound generating device are also provided.


Switch for a waste water pump

United States US8286279B2 see also GB2421055B Issued December 9, 2004


(DLP) A pumped waste 10, for a shower, comprises a sump 12, a waste water inlet 14, a waste water outlet 16 and a switch device 24 for controlling the pump. The switch device includes a first part 26 which is disposed within the waste water, this may be a float element 30, and a second part 28 which may be a Hall Effect or reed switch 36, provided externally of the sump. The sump may have a spigot...


A waste water outlet unit

Europe EP1983115B1 see also US8813273B2 and GB2459954B Issued September 17, 2004


(DLP) A waste water outlet unit for a shower tray having a drain opening, the unit having a cover (20) comprising a non-screw threaded attachment arrangement (68,72) by which the cover (20) can be securely and releasably attached to the waste water outlet unit and a cover retaining arrangement positioned adjacent the drain opening and including one or  cover support members (60) having a head...


Adjustable Height Seat

United Kingdom GB2410426B Issued January 30, 2004


(DLP) A seat comprises a seat top (2) and a plurality of legs (3). The legs (3) are removable from the seat top (2) and the height of the seat is varied by reversing the orientation of the legs (3) themselves and replacing them on the seat top (2). The seat may be provided with a base (4) and may be a bath seat.


A Shower Tray

Europe EP1523914B1 see also US7694358B2 and GB2394175B and others Issued October 16, 2003


(DLP) A shower tray has a trough 8 along one or  sides of the tray and means 81 for clamping flexible floor covering material 61 and/or a flexible edge of a ramp device in the trough(s). The clamping means may comprise one or  elongate clamping elements and means 64, 84 for fixing the clamping element(s) in the trough(s).


A Moulded Former

United Kingdom GB2401341B Issued May 9, 2003


(DLP) A former 1 is provided for creating a sloping profile for waste-water run off below a waterproof floor covering of a shower area. The former is made of a hot pressed glass fibre reinforced plastics material, such as from material known as Bulk (or Dough) Moulding Compound or material known as Sheet Moulding Compound. Hot pressing of glass reinforced plastics comprises placement of an uncured...


Variable temperature control for a liquid heating vessel

United Kingdom GB2372421B see also EP1233649B1 and others Issued February 19, 2001


(Strix - note my name is wrongly stated on the GB patent application as "Ronald" - this is corrected elsewhere);A thermally sensitive control 2 is provided in or for use in a liquid heating vessel, allowing a liquid to be heated to one or  temperatures up to its boiling point. The vessel may have a sheathed electric heater 92 (fig.5) mounted to a diffuser plate 80 (fig.5) provided on its base...


Vibration Testing Apparatus

United Kingdom GB2135063B Issued February 10, 1983


(UK MOD) In vibration testing apparatus for subjecting a test-piece to controlled vibratory motion, movement of a test-piece carrier (10) in the x axis (100) is provided by a ram (15) actuated with respect to a first yoke (11). First yoke (11) is nested in a second yoke (12) which is further nested in a third yoke (14) permitting movement in the y axis (101) and z axis (102) respectively by means of...


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