Royal Navy Vessels on which William Kennish served or worked

Vessel                                  Date From  / To                                                                                       Rank / Work

Betty Brown (Cutter)    Around April 1813 Apprentice master’s vessel for sale - Apprentice

HMS Windsor Castle* 20th November 1824 5th December 1824 Carpenter’s Mate

HMS Windsor Castle* 6th December 1824 23rd January 1825 Carpenter’s Crew

HMS Falcon (During time on HMS Windsor castle) Carpenter’s Crew

HMS Genoa* 28th January 1825 27th May 1826 Carpenter’s Mate

HMS Philomel May 1826 Passage from Plymouth to Chatham

HMS Lapwing* 28th May 1826 15th September 1826 Carpenter Chatham Ordinary

HMS Ringdove* 16th September 1826 28th January 1829 Carpenter

HMS Tyne* 29th January 1829 17th March 1829 Able Seaman (waiting to join Hussar)

HMS Rinaldo 13th April 1829 24th April 1829 Passage from Halifax to Bermuda

HMS Hussar* 18th March 1829 26th July 1830 Carpenter

HMS Coronmandel April 1830 Repairs to Prison Ship in Bermuda - Carpenter

HMS Hussar* 27th July 1830 8th May 1831 Carpenter Chatham Ordinary

HMS St. Vincent 27th September 1830 3rd November 1830 Victualed whilst on loan to HMS Excellent .

HMS Galatea October 1830 Gunnery Trials for Capt. Napier whilst on loan to the Excellent

HMS Alfred* 9th May 1831 19th March 1832 Carpenter

HMS Donegal March / April 1832 Passage back to England from Napoli

HMS Grampus* 20th March 1832 11th December 184 Carpenter Woolwich Ordinary

HMS Excellent* 12th December 1834 31st December 1837 Carpenter

HMS Victory* 1st January 1838 31st July 1838 Carpenter Portsmouth Ordinary

HMS Pitt 3rd June 1838 Work in Ordinary - Carpenter

HMS Tribune 31st July 1838 3rd September 1838 Passage from Portsmouth to join HMS Donegal in Lisbon

HMS Donegal* 1st August 1838 Warrant 30th September 1840 (- joined 3rd September) Carpenter

HMS Ganges 20th February 1839 Repair of capstans and anchor chains - Carpenter

HMS Trinculo 9th -10th December 1839 Fitting of Half-Ports - Carpenter

HMS Revenge 11th December 1839 to 14th January 1840 Making new Main Yard Arm Carpenter

HMS Britannia* 1st October 1840 13th November 1841 Carpenter

HMSS† Avon November 1841 Passage home to Portsmouth

HMSS Virago December 1853 to January 1854 San Blas Expedition - Pilot / Guide

The vessels marked * are those listed on Williams formal navy record – ADM 29/6 page 86 held by the National Archives. The other vessels are those known that William worked upon or travelled in during his career from records discovered.

† Her Majesty's Steam Ship

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