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William Kennish’s major achievement was the invention of the 1828 Marine theodolite which allowed his “Method for concentrating the Broadside of a Ship Of War...” to be so successfully trialled.


The “Method” also included the breast-pieces and quoins to set the unique angle of the guns on each deck and station to a common focal  point to concentrate the fire. Details of the replica constructed between 2015 and 2021 can be seen here.


His patented hydraulic motor turned water pressure into rotary motion and was in use in the USA and UK up to his death in 1862. A replica of this is now under construction, having commenced by the author in 2021 at the William Kennish Engineering Centre in Douglas, Isle of Man.


    A method for concentrating the fire of a broadside of a ship of war


    The marine theodolite


    Description of the method for engaging a battery


    A method for floating guns on shore by means of water tanks


    Description of a fuze


    On the disadvantages that attend the use of black paint on board ship – 1838


    Three types of pumps – 1838


    An artificial horizon – 1838


    Method of drowning the magazine of a ship of war – 1838


    A pneumatic sounding instrument 1838


    Fuze – 1838


    Hydrostatic diving machine – 1838


    Improvements in steam engines – 1838


    The pneumatic tube – a letter to the admiralty – 1845


    William’s propeller – 1845


    Linking the Calf, Thousla and Kitterland to the Manx mainland – c.1846


    A harbour of refuge in the isle of man… (c. 1846)


    Sea water desalination equipment – the “pneumatic invigorator” 1848


    The ventilation of hospitals by the hydraulic action of the tides

      (detailed in a letter sent to the Liverpool Hospital Board 1849, prior to his emigration)


    United states patent 7,023 of January 14 1850 – Hydraulic Engine


    River bed diving bell – Brooklyn Harbour June 1850


    Dredger/Submarine Excavator US Patent 17,306 - 1857


    Clearing the beds of Rivers - UK Patent 2409 - 1859


    Articles in the American Railway Review of 1859


    Rotary Hydraulic Motor UK and US patents of 1860 & 1861.


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